With "ArtChoice" comparing and choosing the right art piece for your space has never been easier.


Coming soon to the iPad App Store and the Apple TV App store

Why ArtChoice?

With the wide availability of high resolution digital art it is now possible to print digital paintings in formats that range from the very small to wall sized. Abstract digital art even gives you freedom to change the aspect ratio of the image slightly and still capture its beauty and meaning.

ArtChoice was specifically designed to help you see what different pieces would look like on your wall. Take a photo of your wall, straight on, or from an angle, adjust the painting frame, select or import your art pieces and start comparing.

Add a photo of your room.

How it works

Import a photo of your room or take a picture of your wall.

Position where you want your art.

Use the painting handlers to place the painting where you want.

Select the art pieces you like to compare.

Use the bundled art images or import one or more from your photos.

Swipe left and right to view the art selections.

Swipe to quickly view how each piece would look in your space.

ArtChoice for the Apple TV

We have made easier to share your art options in the comfort of your living room. Gather around a TV to review and discuss your selections with your clients, business partners or family.


Use your Apple TV remote control to show each painting in your space or just press play to start a slideshow.

ArtChoice on


Use augmented reality to virtually experience paintings and video art in your own physical space.

More details coming soon

Cloud based

All of the data in ArtChoice is stored in the cloud. The selections you make in the iPad app automatically show up in the ArtChoice Apple TV App*.

*Information is private and not shared between Apple accounts.